Janet Verney: guest on Episode #28
Wow, Carla, thank you so much for inviting me to your show and for the lovely way you welcomed me. I have to say, I think this was my favorite interview of all! Your voice is so soothing and your gentle way is so apparent. Such a gift!

Peggy Cherrick, New London
Adult & Continuing Education ~
"Carla has taught in the Enrichment Program for over four years. In my opinion she is an excellent teacher and communicator. Her
students truly enjoy her classes and are always asking for more."

Edita Negron, MSW ~
"I have known Carla for over 20 years, and I have witnessed  the evolution of her work; and I have full confidence in her teaching and healing abilities. I have seen Carla teaching and
she is a natural; bringing so much passion and love to it. Carla has a solid foundation in the material both academically and experiential. She has done healings on me and I have total confidence and trust in her abilities and integrity. Her work and life are founded on prayer and discipline."

Jennifer ~
"Carla recommended Reiki for me as I was extremely nervous about my upcoming delivery which was a scheduled cesarean. I had a Reiki session with her prior to my delivery. In this
session, I experienced an incredible state of peace and rejuvenation. In fact, I slept better the last few weeks of my pregnancy then I had
slept in years, after receiving Reiki. On the day of my surgery, I asked Carla to send me Reiki (which I was skeptical was even possible). However, like magic, I felt the Reiki energy enter the operating room and I felt the same state of peace and rejuvenation I had felt during my first session. The doctors remarked how incredibly quick they were able to complete the surgery. The nurses commented how quickly I recovered with minimal to no bleeding.
  This was my third c-section and, by far, it was the one I "bounced back" quickest from. I was so impressed with how Reiki made me feel
that I became certified as a Reiki 1 practitioner through Carla and I continue to practice Reiki with friends and family. It's truly incredible."   

Tracy ~
  "Thank you for teaching my daughter and I Reiki today. We both really enjoyed it. I hope I will put it to good use in helping myself and anyone else who would like to receive it from me.  Anything positive that we can do to feel better or help someone else feel better is a good thing for sure. You made the class fly by."   

Jill ~
"Reiki with Carla was life-changing for me. Not only did it broaden my spiritual path in profound ways, but I now have a safe and reliable method to self-soothe and comfort others."

Jackie Piazza ~
"When I open Carla's newsletter I am always so
happy after reading it. She always seems to be in the same place spiritually as I am and she just lets me know all is well."

  "Thank you for the uplifting message from my angels. It came at an appropriate time and I'm going to try hard to put all their good guidance into practice. My guides like to joke and tease
and rhyme. I'm glad my angels have a sense of humor too!"

Kathy ~
  "I always feel better about myself, and uplifted, after I read your newsletter!"

Bernadette Gonzalez,
Owner of Skin Logic ~
 "I have been a Reiki practitioner for several years and always felt connected to the
angelic realm. I was looking for a way to bring the loving healing energy of the angels into my energy practice.
  I was delighted to find a class in Integrated Energy Therapy right in Guilford! In her serene, healing setting Carla was my guide to this beautiful practice of using angelic energy to help release past pain to live more fully in the present moment. Carla used her kind and gentle spirit, guided by the angels, to walk me step by step to the wonder of
angelic healing. 
  Integrated Energy Therapy is a powerful tool to help your patients find peace in their lives. Carla's warmth, knowledge of the material
and connection to the angelic realm make her class an experience you must have and will never forget!