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Q: My best friend died a painful death from cancer. I was with her to the end. At one point she asked me to go, but I felt I should stay. Now I feel guilty I didn't abide by her wishes and worry that she is angry with me. Since her death, I have had nothing but bad karma in my life and until I make peace with her, this dark cloud over my head won't leave. I'm so distraught I am thinking of taking a leave of absence from work. My angels are silent and I feel lost. Please help.  ~  Elizabeth


A: The “bad karma” is not coming from the universe or your friend. I suspect you are so deep in grief your energy is totally off kilter, and it seems as though everything is going wrong. The bad karma sounds more like Law of Attraction stuff. Your grief is going out into the universe and that energy may be bouncing back to you. Try to cleanse and protect your energy often. Ask the angels to take your grief energies up to the heavens to be transmuted. Set the intention that you do not want your grief, sadness and fear energies to go out into the universe. I am NOT saying to stop feeling what you feel. You have the right to grieve her passing and the process is unique for everone. What I am saying is to have the angels carry away the low energy of your feelings as you express them so as not to effect you or others in an energetic way.


It's not possible to get bad karma (or a dark cloud over your head) from your friend's passing or from the fact that in the end you didn't totally abide by her wish for you to go, because you did everything you did for your friend with LOVE.   When we do things for love then it's impossible for negativity to be a product of that love (even if we make mistakes or question our decisions afterwards). You made the call you did to stay with her out of love. It seemed like the right call in the moment. Love cannot produce negativity – not happening! Hence doesn't make sense for bad karma to be result of you staying with her. We're human. Our love can be imperfect, but if there is love, the universe is satisfied. It's not looking to strike back at us.


I don't believe your friend is angry with you because she is in the afterlife. Once the soul crosses over, it's free of all human emotions like anger – all that exists is love – she's living in bliss now, free of pain and human condition. She still loves you. And she would want you to go on with your life.

It's so easy to second guess ourselves when it comes to a loved one passing. You sound like a wonderful friend staying vigilantly by her side. If you had left, perhaps you would be regretting that. Show yourself compassion. You two are best friends. The friendship, nor the love, dies – it's just different now. Ask her to send you signs.


Your angels may be quiet because they are giving you the space you need to grieve. Also, it may be difficult for you to hear them because you are steeped in grief. You reached out to me and I suspect they may have guided you to do so. Keep talking to them, they're listening.


Lastly, honor your friend and your continued friendship with her on the other side. Celebrate! What did you two love to do together? Go do it and believe she is with you. Elizabeth, your friend loves you and wants you happy


Q: Can we read angel cards for other people? I was hoping my friend could do one for me because I feel blocked and I'm not hearing my angels.  ~  A.W.


A: Yes, absolutely! It can be helpful to give or receive an intuitive sense of the angels messages with the aid of the angel cards. Emphasis is on “intuitive” – the giver (reader) is not being psychic or giving their opinion, but rather offering their intuitive sense of what angels may be saying. The giver is presenting the messages received. It is always up to the receiver to discern if the information is valid and of value. Always! My Suggested Guidelines to giving an angel card reading:


1 ~ Purpose of a reading is to help individual to connect to their angels. You are assisting them to hear the guidance being sent. You are not there to shock and awe or impress them with what you “hear”.  Keep your ego out of it.

2 ~ Before the reading say a prayer to the angels asking them to protect you both and to be clear with the messages. I like to say, “Dear Angels, Surround us both in a bubble of Light and Love for Protection and Connection”.

3 ~ Either you or individual can shuffle and pick card(s). Go with your first compassionate sense. Remember that angels NEVER create fear and are ALWAYS positive – if your sense/message doesn't follow this creed, keep it to yourself.

4 ~ Never be afraid or ashamed to say “I don't know” or “I'm not getting any sense on this” – as readers we truly are on a “need to know” basis. The angels don't have to tell us anything and they won't if it's not in the individuals best interest.

5 ~ As readers we are connectors, we assist, we don't tell people what to do. Maintain good boundaries. Many people what to be told what to do – not your job – the receiver has to make the decisions discerning truth for them.

6 ~ Conclude with a prayer of gratitude. It's an honor to share company with someone's angels. ~ Your friend will help you!





Q:  One of my work colleagues has cancer. He is in the hospital where we both are employed and nothing is working. Would it be appropriate for me to send him a Reiki healer? I've read that it's hard for a healer to cure cancer at this stage.  ~  K.N.


A:  Reiki is not a cure. It is a Japanese technique that helps the individual to relax and when the body releases stress, it is better able to care for itself. Reiki can help relieve symptoms or support pain medication, but it is NEVER given with the intention of curing. Miracles do occur, but this may be his time to pass. It is O.K. for a Reiki practitioner to go to him IF that is what he wants. He will know if it's something that will benefit him. It is inappropriate to suggest it “may cure him”.


Check first if the hospital has Reiki volunteers. That may be an option. You can hire Reiki healers to go into the hospital, but a lot to coordinate. Consider having a practitioner send the Reiki – just as effective. In addition, an alternative that doesn't require his permission – send him angels and pray for his highest good. Helps big time, every time.

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