Spiritual Invitation

Episodes 1-14

Ep. 1 Reiki with Jackie Piazza

Jackie Piazza, owner of Healing Room, in Madison, has been offering Energy Healing for 9 years. In addition to being certified in the Usui system of Reiki, she has been trained in several other healing modalities, including Rainbow Reiki with Walter Lubeck.
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Ep. 3 The Five Minute Meditation

Can we find a few minutes in our day to relax? MJ Stevenson has been meditating for the last 40 years and she shows us how by gently guiding us through a 5 minute meditation. MJ is an artist, reflexologist and a recreation therapist for the elderly. Watch it here

Ep. 2 Hope & Faith Through Cancer

Do you believe in miracles?  Award winning writer, Lisa G. Samia has a remarkable story to share about having hope and faith through cancer. Lisa is author of the book, "Don't Be Afraid of Fifty" and she is a Certified Life Strategy Coach.
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Ep.4 Sitting Tai Chi

Ep.4 Sitting Tai Chi

Tai Chi instructor Suzanne Hanley discusses Tai Chi and demonstrates a technique she created, "Sitting Tai Chi".  Suzanne is owner of Pathways to Wellness in Madison and has been teaching Tai Chi since 1996. She offers classes, workshops, and Facilitator Certification. Watch it here

Ep.5 Spiritual Mentor/Transformational Coach

Jennifer Greenwald is the author of "Sweet! The Highs and Lows of Sugar" and "Sweet Activity Book" - both fun and easy guides to help parents and their children make better food choices. Jennifer received her training from Institute for Integrative Nutrition and completed her Spirit Junkie Master Training with Gabrielle Bernstein.

Ep.7 How To Stay Sane In A Crazy World

Millie Grenough is the author of eleven books including "Oasis in the Overwhelm: 60-second Strategies for Balance in a Busy World. Millie is a Coach, Singer, Motivational Speaker, Therapist and an Instructor in Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine.

Ep.6 Defining The New Normal

How do you cope with a life-threatening disease? Colleen Brunetti, a best-selling author and motivational speaker, shares what she learned about thriving with critical illness in her book, "Defining the New Normal, A Guide to Becoming More Than Your Diagnosis."  

Ep.8  Hypnosis

Board certified Hypnotist and Instructor Lisa Zaccheo is the owner and lead Hypnotist of Mind Matters Hypnosis Center. Lisa's passion is learning and developing techniques to leverage the subconscious mind for self-improvement and healing on all levels.

Ep.9 Past Life Regression Therapy

Dr. Valerie Keating is a licensed therapist who blends traditional theories and techniques from numerous Psychology, Energy Medicine, and what she calls "Heart and soul" Therapy. She has studied with trailblazers Brian Weiss and Delores Cannon in the field of past life regression therapy.

Ep. 11 Healing Outside Of The Box TV Show

Rosemary Lachance and Dina Scungio discuss their popular and long-running TV show, "Healing Outside the Box"

Ep.10 Archangels

Who are these benevolent spiritual beings who want to help us?  April EstaRa D'Amato is an Intuitive Counselor, Energy Therapist, and Teacher of all things spiritual. The mission of her business called Soul Star Healing is to promote "HOPE", or "Healing Our Planet Earth" one person at a time.


Ep. 12 Thic Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village Part 1

Ben Smith embarks on a Spiritual Adventure to Plum Village, a Buddhist monastery in France founded by Thich Nhat Hanh.
His intention is to stay for several months to several years.

Ep.13 Intuition Development

Through Psychic Mediumship, Alison Ritrovato helps her clients connect with loved ones who have crossed over, or with their past lives. She encourages us to develop our own Intuition!

Ep. 14 Evolutionary Process

Denine Savage has over 25 years experience as a healer, physical therapist and teacher. She created and teaches a body of energy work called Evolutionary Process (TM) and travels throughout the U.S.and Canada to teach her method