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WTNH Channel 8 (ABC affiliate) ~
'Spiritual Healing Through Reiki'

In this show's segment, we discussed Reiki, and I demonstrated it on one of
the show's interns. Runtime 5:57 minutes.

ION TV's "ON THE RECORD" with Shawn Murphy

Aired in 2016 on stations WHPX and WPXQ reaching out to CT, RI, MA, and NY. Shawn asked me about my background, the difference between spirituality and religion, and other spiritual questions.
Runtime 25:59 minutes.

North Haven TV's "Healing Outside
The Box" with Rosemary LaChance

In this hour-long episode Carla, Rosemary LaChance, and Dina Scungio discussed Communicating With Angels.
Runtime 1 hour.


I was featured in the New Haven Register on Sunday, August 2, 2009
in Ann DeMatteo's "Inspirations" column titled,
"Carla Augustyn would like to tell us a thing or two about Angels."


    Carla Augustyn likes to talk to people about angels. Guardian angels, archangels and all other kinds. She spreads the word by teaching classes that introduce participants to the role angels can play in one's life and how to communicate with them. In another class, Angelspeake, Carla teaches people how to meet their angels, how to access them to help solve problems and give inspiration, and how to receive their messages through dictation.

     Carla is an integrated-energy therapist practicing out of Madison who first contacted me last year at the height of my breast cancer issues. Carla says that she has listened to her guardian angel, that special "voice" that took care of her and kept her safe since she was a child. Twelve years ago, when she began her spiritual journey, she says she realized angels are available to us at all times, for any matter, big or small. She has continued to learn about and study them.

     She has a bachelor's degree in social work from
St. Joseph College in West Hartford, and is earning a master's degree in transpersonal studies from Atlantic University in Virginia Beach, Va., which was founded by renowned psychic Edgar Cayce.


     She has studied at the Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences in Bloomfield. She is a Reiki practitioner, and I had the pleasure of receiving a session at her Madison office in October. I promised I would get back to her so that I could attend one of her classes. 

     I sat through the introductory class last month during an adult education session at Amity Regional high School.      "Everyone has the ability to communicate with angels," she said.

     Carla centers her discussion on what angels are and how they're there to help us whenever we ask. She believes that everyone has at least one guardian angel, and that angels come and go in our lives, depending on our age, our health circumstances and our needs.

     Prior to some of my surgeries, another Reiki practitioner, Barbara Dadio, called on the archangel Raphael to cast his healing light upon me. She said I was to ask him for help prior to going under the knife. I did.

     Marge Buccino of Woodbridge said she went to Carla's introductory class because she was interested. "I was wondering how they can help in healing," she said. Karen Wade of East Haven also attended the class. "I do believe in angels. The topic fascinates me, and I want to learn more," she said.

     Carla said that she believes in angels because they have always worked for her. "They have provided so much comfort and guidance and love," she said. Her mission is to show people how to invite angels into their lives. "They're there to create peace for us," she said.

   Carla says angels are sent to us by whichever God one worships, whatever your religious background. You can even send angels to others.

     "You can pray to whomever you want. God created angels for you as a gift. he created angels so we can get a glimpse of how powerful God is," she said.

     "Angels don't run our lives, but are there to help in life. Everybody has a guardian angel, at least one. Angels come and go. We can call on angels in at all times."

     Everyone's heard the stories about people who are lost, or downtrodden, or in the depths of despair, who suddenly run into a person who tells them everything will be OK.
Or, they tell them how to find the nearest gas station, or change a tire for them. Whatever the case. So, the person who has suddenly appeared during our greatest need gives their advice, provides aid, and poof! They're gone.      Was it a human who just happens to run away fast or a heavenly messenger? I guess we'll never know.


     I prefer to think of angels as those people who really help us out in our lives. You know, those who go the extra mile for you. i also believe in the angels referred to in Catholic theology.

     I was having dinner with a friend at Whitney Center in Hamden the other night, and I asked her is she believed in angels. "Oh sure," said the beautiful Virginia "Ginny" Berniere, who worked for 32 years for the town of North Haven. She was the voice of the town switchboard until her retirement in 1998. Everyone who has ever met her holds this kind and helpful soul in high esteem.

     Ginny is firm in her faith. "I pray a lot. I pray to angels, God and Jesus, and to whoever else will take me on. I have a lot of angels in my room, gifts mainly from my daughter," she said.  Praying to angels, Ginny said, has helped her through a health ordeal.

     At the end of the introductory class on angels, Carla introduces Healing with the Angels cards by Doreen Virtue. "I've looked at my deck a few times. The spiritual growth card keeps coming up, and I am happy to see it."

Literary Contribution

The All Seeing Eye - A Remote Viewing Omni-Reader edited by Henry Reed, PhD., was published in 2007 by the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies. I co-wrote the summary of "The Stargate Chronicles" with Michael Lynch."