About Carla

Through gentle and natural techniques I enable people to find inner peace and clarity. I offer classes in Reiki, Angel Communication, After-Death Communication and Integrated Energy Therapy. I also host a monthly cable and Youtube show called “Spiritual Invitation”, which you can watch on this website.

Since childhood, I was fascinated with the concept of the soul, this invisible essence that reflects who we are. For most of my life I have studied numerous metaphysical subjects from Reincarnation to Shamanism.

I have a bachelors in Social Work, a masters in Transpersonal Studies from Atlantic University in Virginia Beach, VA, which was founded by Edgar Cayce, pioneer of the holistic health movement in this country. In addition I have completed the Spirituality Program at Mercy Center in Madison, CT

I adored being a stay-at-home mom, but a funny thing happened.
My kids grew up! And so I knew I had to find myself as much as I was encouraging them to go out on their own and follow their dreams. I attended the Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences and my life changed forever. I continued to study numerous modalities of Energy Therapy. I became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2005 and an Integrated Energy Master/Instructor in 2006. I also have certification as a Karuna Reiki Level 2 Practitioner and Healing Touch Practitioner.

As a child, I heard the guidance of angels. These compassionate and loving spiritual beings saved me from harm many times. Through the years I discovered that the more I invited them into my life and asked for their assistance, the more they obliged. Angels continue to support, protect and comfort me, and I know they are there for everyone!  In 2006, desiring formal training, I ventured to California and became certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD, as an Angel Therapy Practitioner. Two years later I studied with Trudy Griswold and became certified as an Angelspeake Facilitator.

Shamanism, an ancient tradition of divination and healing, can be traced back thousands of generations when all the shamans were women!  I have studied and practiced it for years, and attended several  workshops with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. In 2013, I studied with Vicki Nobel, shaman, feminist, scholar and author.

Although I have had many interests in the mystical realm since my youth, it wasn't until I actively set out on my own spiritual journey 20 years ago that I discovered peace and fulfillment. I am passionate and committed to helping and supporting others to do the same in their lives.


I attended Kim O'Neill's workshop "How to Talk with Your Angels" ~ I'm always learning too!  See my interview with Kim on Spiritual Invitation TV, Episode 20, "Communicating and Bonding with Your Unborn Baby"

Below: Me with award-winning author Lisa Samia, Episode 2, "Hope & Faith Through Cancer" on Spiritual Invitation TV.